1.0 Wheels, Hubs and Maintenance

The new AC steel face cassette body is currently available in Shimano/SRAM only for retrofitting your 17mm AC hub and for Victory and Terrain hubs. Before you order, please look at the SUPPORT HELP tab on this web site under manuals/hub sets to identify your hub and determine if it can be upgraded to the new steel face cassette body. Identification is important to ensure you will receive the correct parts when you order. The steel face bodies contain 2 new bearings installed inside the body. and a cam plate for the 17mm hubs. You can order a new Shimano/SRAM steel faced cassette boy from our online shop on our website or from your local bike shop.
Wheels are the most important component on your bicycle. We are here to assist you in making the right selection. There are many factors involved in selecting a set of wheels including riding style, riding terrain, weather conditions, intended use such as training, events or racing, a rider’s power output, and a rider’s body weight. The ride qualities and characteristics of our wheelsets are on each wheel page on this web site. We have a wheel choice configurator on this website that will help with your selection.
Please see the SUPPORT HELP tab on this website for information regarding maintenance, directions or repairs.
One of Bill Shook’s most important designs is his patented Six Pawl Cam Actuated Engagement System found in our hubs. All six oversized pawls engage in unison whenever drive torque is applied. No other multiple pawl system on the market can ensure that all pawls are engaged at the same time. The cam plate powers the pawls into engagement simultaneously. There are new expanded cupped engagement pockets in the cam plate for improved contact and speed. The secondary ratchet system does the coasting and forces engagement of the large pawls only for drive torque transfer. The cassette body has 24 ratchet teeth for engagement with the pawls. Each pawl is made from super strong tool steel and has double tips for 12 points of engagement to work in conjunction with the 24 ratchet teeth resulting in 288 points of engagement. The one-piece forged 7075 aluminum cassette body is hard anodized and is topped with Bill’s latest patented steel face cassette body design.
Our road disc and mtb disc hubs and wheels are either Shimano/SRAM 9-10-11 speed, Campagnolo group compatible 9-10-11 or SRAM XD/XX1 1x11 and 1x12. 1 x 12 is Sram Eagle.  Our road rim brake hubs and wheels are either Shimano/SRAM 9-10-11 or Campagnolo 9-10-11. Please ask for your required gearing when ordering.
There has been a universal problem in the bike industry that Bill Shook, our company designer and engineer solved with the patented Steel Face Cassette Body. Aluminum cassette bodies are damaged by the individual cassette cogs, and from loose fitting cassettes. Our new shimano style cassette bodies are now equipped with the steel face on the splines so that the body will not be damaged by the cassette. Each steel insert is dovetailed in place. Steel is harder than aluminum, which protects the softer aluminum from being gouged by the cassette. You get the best of both worlds, a lightweight aluminum body with the protection of a steel surface. The steel faced cassette body will prolong the life of your American Classic hub and make changing cassettes easier. A brilliantly simple solution. It is Bill Shook’s attention to detail that make American Classic’s wheels better than the rest.
SPACER RING - 0.5mm Black Spacer: All American Classic rear hubs and wheels are shipped with a 0.5mm black spacer ring. The black spacer ring is REQUIRED for Campagnolo 11 speed. For Shimano 10 speed, use the spacer provided with the cassette and the black spacer ring.

SPACER RING - 1.85mm Silver Spacer: A 1.85mm silver spacer is provided with Shimano 11 speed cassette bodies. Use the 1.85mm silver spacer to use a Shimano 9 or 10 speed cassette on the 11 speed cassette body. Do not use this spacer with a Shimano 11 speed cassette.
When loosening the lock ring, always place the chain whip on the smallest cog (for example, the 11 tooth cog on a road bike is the smallest cog). Do not use the chain whip on the center cogs on the cassette. Failure to us the chain whip on the smallest cog may result in damaging the cassette body splines, which is not covered by warranty.
No. The spacing for the Disc 225 hubs is 135mm only and cannot be retrofitted or changed to 130mm spacing.
Yes the new 10-11 speed Disc 225 hubs can be fitted with Campagnolo style cassette bodies. These hubs have a D, E, F, G or H serial number.
You can ride up to 5 gears on our single speed system. If you want to ride multiple gears on our single speed hub, it is important to either install cogs that are pinned together or install individual cogs that have a shoulder like the AC cog provided with the hub. Individual cogs without a shoulder will dig in to your cassette body and damage the splines, which is not covered by warranty.
Yes, we have Boost 15 x 110 front and Boost 12mm x 148 rear hubs. Please ask for Boost when ordering.
Yes. There are Thru Axle and Quick Release Retrofit Kits for AC Disc 130 front, AC Disc 225 hubs, AC Terrain front and rear hubs available in our online shop or from your local bike shop. These kits do not work on other maker’s hubs. See the SUPPORT HELP tab under manual/hub sets for directions.

Front hub/wheel thru axle kits or standards: 12mm x 100mm, 15mm x 100mm, 15mm x 110mm Boost, Standard QR

Rear hub/wheel thru axle kits or standards: 12mm x 142mm, Standard QR, and Boost 12mm x 148mm

Important note on the Boost 12 x 148 rear kit: The Boost 12 x 148 kit only works with disc 225 six bolt disc hubs marked with a serial number starting with the letters D, E, F, G or H.

The following AC disc hubs cannot be converted to other standards: Lefty Front, RS1 Reactive Steering Front, 20mm Thru Axle Front, Disc 150 rear hub.
Performance wheels are a big investment. Maintenance is a key factor in prolonging the life of your wheels. Please see the HELP tab on this website under MANUALS for information regarding repairs and maintenance. Information on hub bearings and cassette bodies are on the HELP tab under manuals/hub sets.
American Classic recommends a service for all wheelsets after the first 100 miles to check spoke tension, bearing and axle adjustment, snugging down lock nuts. Thereafter, every 2000 miles is the recommended service interval for your wheels including truing and re-tensioning, greasing the bearings and cassette body mechanism, inspection for any hub, wheel and tire damage or wear, bearing and axle adjustment, snugging down lock nuts and lock rings, etc. We recommend servicing your wheels after you ride in heavy rains, deep water or muddy conditions to keep them in top condition. When cleaning your wheels, avoid pressure spraying water directly at the hub. Make sure your rim brake surface is clean and free of grease or debris. Do not use harsh cleaners on your wheels and hubs. It is important to inspect and service your wheels and components before putting them away for the winter, and again in the spring before you start riding.
Your wheels have been hand finished by professional wheel builders. We use spoke freeze on the spoke nipples. Your wheels have been carefully pre-stressed, tensioned, and trued before shipping.

It is very important that your wheels are at the correct tension. Over-tensioning or under-tensioning your wheels will interfere with top performance and function, and can lead to hub, spoke and rim damage.

See the SUPPORT HELP tab on this web site under MANUALS/wheelsets for spoke tensions and truing. See the SUPPORT HELP tab on this web site under MANUALS/spoke charts for details on spoke lengths and truing.
Use a 3.2mm spoke wrench with a square end and a spoke holding clamp tool. A “twist resist” or “third hand” spoke clamp tool holds the spoke during the truing process, which ensures that the spokes do not twist when tightening the spoke nipples. If you do not use a spoke holding clamp tool, the spokes will twist or winding up, which causes your wheels to coming out of true and spokes to loosening as you ride. You can order these tools online.
We recommend synthetic grease. Please avoid white lithium grease. Some good grease manufacturers are Finish Line, Maxima Waterproof, Phil Wood, and Dumond Tech.
Our hi-end, Victory and Terrain hubs and wheels come standard with AC Stainless Steel bearings and are made to last. Our AC Stainless Steel fully sealed cartridge bearings have stood the test of time working reliably in our hubs for years. All our bearings have been tested on our wheel testing machines for durability, strength, smoothness, and precision fit in the bearing bores. Bill Shook selected our Stainless Steel bearings to resist moisture, corrosion and abrasion, and for their suitability for high speeds. Bill Shook analyzed the load capacity and determined these bearings would meet his design goals of strength, performance and durability. All bearings contain water resistant, corrosion inhibiting grease. Bearings are available from our online shop or your local bike shop. We recommend using American Classic bearings for best results. Enduro bearings are not recommended.
Yes your AC hubs come with this hi-end feature. Bill Shook designed adjustable bearings in our hubs so you can dial in your bearings for increased precision. The purpose of adjustability is to extend the life of your bearings, and reduce friction and rolling resistance to boost performance. The final bearing adjustment is similar to adjust a cup and cone hub. Adjustment is easy to do. The adjustment directions are part of the hub owner’s manuals on the SUPPORT HELP tab under MANUALS on our web site.
Ceramic ball bearings have greater hardness than steel ball bearings, resulting in longer ball life. Ceramic balls have a smoother surface finish than steel balls, which means less friction when your wheel is spinning and this translates into increased performance. Ceramic bearings require less lubrication and exhibit less lubrication degeneration, resulting in increased bearing life. Our fully sealed Ceramic cartridge bearings are ABEC-5 and use Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) ceramic balls with 440C stainless steel races. The Ceramic bearings produce an unparalleled ride feel in terms of smoothness, quickness and effortless rolling. Ceramic Bearings can be installed in new wheelsets or ordered as kits to retrofit hubs ordered from our online shop or your local bike shop. Look for the yellow seals signifying American Classic’s top quality Ceramic bearings. We recommend using American Classic bearings for best results. See the SUPPORT HELP tab on this website under manuals/hubsets to determine which front micro or rear cassette hub you have to determine if you can retrofit the hub with Ceramic bearings. Order from our online shop or your local bike shop.
There are many Stainless or Ceramic bearings on the market not sold by American Classic. If these bearings do not function properly in your hub. American Classic cannot warranty the bearing and any damage the non-AC bearings may cause to the American Classic product. American Classic does not recommend Enduro bearings for our hubs.
Yes. Your American Classic wheels come with quick release hardware and we recommend you check to ensure that your wheel quick releases are securely clamped, each time before you ride your bicycle. Failure to close the quick release properly can result in accident or injury. If you are not sure how to close your quick releases, ask your professional Bicycle Mechanic or Bicycle Shop to assist you so that you know how to install and remove your wheels safely.
Always pull your hand pump or foot pump off gently and directly down, not to the side. Pulling the pump off to the side can damage your rim.
Our tubeless wheels and rims are both tubeless ready or can be ridden with a standard tire and tube. Tubeless wheels can be set up with sealant and tubeless ready tires that do not have carbon beads. All AC tubeless wheels come with AC valves and AC rim tape pre-installed.
Less abrasive brake pads will prolong the life of your wheels. We recommend a soft brake pad compound such as the all weather or wet weather pads made by Kool Stop or Swisstop. There are many other less abrasive brake pads available if you cannot find these pad brands. For carbon wheels, we recommend Swisstop black carbon specific brake pads, also less abrasive to avoid premature wear on the brake surface. We do not recommend shimano brake pads or other brake pads that come standard on bikes because they can be hard and abrasive. Rim damage from abrasive brake pads is not covered by warranty.

We recommend that you change brake pads when you change from aluminum rims to carbon rims, and vice versa. All aluminum rims made by any maker leave small metal flakes in the brake pads over time. If you use the one set of pads on your aluminum and carbon rims, you risk abrading and damaging carbon fiber brake surface from the metal flakes embedded in the pads. It is a nuisance to change brake pads, but your efforts will protect the investment you made in your wheels.
Adjust your brake pads with the wheel in the frame with quick release closed. Your brake pads should not touch your rim decals or tire because this can lead to an accident or injury. Please make sure to have a professional Bicycle Mechanic assist you with this installation if necessary.
Rim tape or rim strips can be too thick, too wide, the tape ends can overlap leaving a bump, or it can be incorrectly installed and curl up the sides. Any or all of these factors may cause the tire to come off the rim or a tire puncture, which may lead to an accident or injury. Please make sure to have a professional Bicycle Mechanic assist you with this installation if necessary. AC tubeless tape that is pre-installed on my wheels is a rim strip that can be used for tire and tube set up.
Acetone removes the excess glue. Please wear gloves and use acetone in a well-ventilated area per the directions on the acetone bottle.
You should have a professional Bicycle Mechanic check them over to make sure there is not damage that may not be at first obvious, to avoid an accident or injury. This includes accidents like falls, crashes, slamming your wheels in a car door, hitting potholes or other objects, or running your bike into the garage roof on the car rack, etc.
American Classic has a wheel crash replacement plan for wheelsets Sign up information and the pricing, terms and exclusions of the plan are set forth on this website. The plan must be purchased within 10 days of the date of purchase of the wheelset. This plan does not apply retroactively, or for wheelsets purchased on online auctions such as eBay. Sign up today on our online shop.
American Classic offers replacement rims to our wheelset customers. Not all colors and older rims are available. Please contact AC or your distributor to check stock in your area.





37mm - 3834 RIM

43mm - SMOKIN' GUN

To tighten the Center Lock ring down to the hub shell you will need to use a Park Tool BBT-9 or Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket tool. Torque Spec is 40 Nm

2.0 Seatposts and Roller Belts

American Classic stocks roller belts available from our online shop and they are the only roller part still available. Roller belts work on all old AC rollers. Sometimes roller belts must be very stretched hard when installing them on the rollers. AC rollers and all other roller parts are discontinued and out of stock.
Yes, the new AC seatposts are available in matte black in 350mm length in 27.2 or 31.6 diameters. They work on all bikes road, triathlon, mtb’s, gravel and cyclocross. They are fully adjustable to achieve a perfect bike fit. Our seatposts can be adjusted for and aft, side-to-side. The seatpost may be turned around to accommodate the forward position required for triathletes and time trialists. The saddle can be tipped slightly side-to-side for riders with leg length and hip discrepancies without shimming shoes. Our aluminum post is lighter than most carbon posts. They are not as likely to be crushed, crack or get stuck in the frame as carbon fiber.
The torque spec is 35 foot pounds 4 N-M. See the New Seatpost installation instructions on the SUPPORT HELP tab under manuals on this web site. Failure to use a torque wrench and follow the torque spec may void the warranty on your new post.
All original seat posts and parts have been discontinued and are no longer in stock.